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Duration of course

The course of study for B.C.A. degree shall extend over a period of 3 academic years, each academic year is comprised of two semesters and each semester is comprised of 16 weeks of class hours, provided that the students completes his/her degree within six years from the date of admission to the first semester of the B.C.A degree course.

B.C.A., Course Structure

The students of B.C.A, Degree Course will study the following subjects or other subjects and course contents as may be prescribed by the university from time to time.

Language Option

  • Kannada
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Urdu.

Regular Subjects

Regular subjects are as prescribed by the University.

Examination : 3 Hours per paper

  • Maximum marks per paper: 100
  • Semester - end University Examination: 80 marks
  • Internal assessment: 20 Marks

Appearance for the Examination

A Candidate should apply for all the subjects of the semester when he/she appears for the examination of that semester for the first time.

For admission to U. G. - III Semester, a student shall pass at least 40% of the course of U. G - I and II semesters put together subject to a minimum of five courses ( excluding the courses, Environmental Science and Constitution of India ) and

For admission to U. G. - V Semester, the students shall pass at least 40 % of the Courses of U. G. - I to IV Semester ( Excluding the courses, Environmental Science and Constitution of India).