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Sl.No Type of Documents Numbers
1 Books 7796
2 Journals 15
3 Reference Materials 975
4 Project Reports 100
5 Bound Volumes 64
6 Electronic Journals --
7 Compact Dist Read Only 20
8 Magazines 14
9 News Papers 6

Student Memberships

This type of membership is open to all the students who got their admission to B. A., B.Com., B. B. A., and B.C.A course in our college.

Teacher membership

This type of membership is open to all the permanent and guest faculty of the college.

Administrative Membership

The Library facilities are also made available to the administrative staff of the college. So that they can make use of general books and general magazines of the library.

Borrowing Facility

Document delivery service is being provided for the user community to dissimilate right information at right time to right user for right purpose. The users of the University College of Arts and Commerce library can borrow books for a period of 7 days. One borrower’s tickets will be issued to students and for Non - teaching staff and can borrow two books at a time. Fifteen tickets will be issued to the Faculty to borrow the books from the library and return the same after period of 7 days. Users are informed to return / renew the borrowed books on or before due date to prevent the penalty of overdue charges. Special library services will be provided to the meritorious students of the college.

Photocopy Facility

The library members can avail the photocopy facility within the library building at nominal charges. Extra book facilities to meritorious students.

An extraordinary boosting service is provided to the students by taking special risk by the library. Under this scheme, the top scorers in each class in a semester will get extra 4 to 5 Books. Our library is providing this service to 50 to 60 students every semester.

New arrivals Display

Some selected titles of new books acquired by the library are displayed on “New Arrival Stand” for the benefit of the readers.

Bulletin board/ Wall Magazine (C A S)

For the benefit of the students, information broachers of institutional for further studies, employment opportunities, personality development skills, News Papers clipping etc., are put on the bulletin board. The library has a ‘Wall Magazine’ where the student can exhibit their talents by writing some articles and cartoons etc.,

Reference Service

The Library is extending reference and referral services to the users of the library. Most of the reference oriented Text books and General books have been kept in reference and active stack area for reference only by the users of the library.

Orientation Programme

In order to create an awareness among the fresh students of the U. G Courses about the proper utilization of the library and its resources and services; to give first hand information about the library and to provide them a closer acquaintance and more familiarity about various aspects of the library system, the Library is being organized the Library Orientation Programme. This programme is an educative and informative and also bridges the gap between the library staff and user clients.

This Programme educates users about the physical arrangement and organization of the collection, its functions and services both traditional and modern services like CD-ROM, NET & E-Journals Consortium of UGC INFONET - nList. This programme helps the user community to utilize the available resources, services and facility to the maximum extent..

Inter-Library Loan

The library used to get some resources on Inter Library Loan basis from other sister concern libraries as requested by our users. The books of our library will be sent to various other libraries on Inter Library Loan as per the request from other institutions.

Library Rules

Library And Information Center